Bombaat-items was started as a recycle project. In future we hope to transfer these designs to other mediums. We’ll keep you informed. Feedback is always welcome. Do write in to us using the contact section.

A couple of things regarding a project.

We don’t have a payment process at the moment. So please be patient with us. We will try and update quantities on a daily basis. If we’ve run out of stock we will place an order for you.

The bottles themselves have been cleaned though you can rinse the insides with water / soap when you buy them. Please do not scrub the bottles as the paint will come off. We use them to store water at home on a daily basis and we’re pretty much alive and well so you can do the same.

These are hand painted bottles (some the base has been spray painted) so there are bound to be scratches and slight blemishes that come with the bottle. The same goes for the illustrations, as they won’t be identical.

If by any chance the bottle needs a touch up – do feel free to drop off the bottle / send through a friend and I’ll be happy to touch it up.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dinesh

    Hi Athreya,

    I need a bottle which we can all drink with at my place. Remember we had talked about this, but i know, I need to invite you guys formally. But never got a chance. You had left Aditi by then.

    So by now, you might have recognised me, if you have forgotten. And if you are wondering who this email bomber is.

    Mr. Dinesh

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